Whiteboard as TTD list

Using whiteboard is very productive in a team-room setting.  We all use it to explain things and concepts, during brainstorming sessions, etc.  But I have used it in “Things to Do*” list format a lot. Its a big whiteboard and sits at a central location where all team members can see/read it.

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Quotes for Sunday :-)

I check tompeters.com once in a while, and I like to listen to him (audio CDs), never had a chance to attend his seminar.  He speaks very passionately and he charges me up and gives  new perspective to do things that “wow!” the people.  Here are some of the quotes that I liked very much from his slide show. I highly recommend his website.  Good job Tom! Continue reading “Quotes for Sunday :-)”

Positive Thinking..

I spent some time over the last few months  reading book and listening to audio CDs on positive thinking (attitude).  The one was “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Vincent Peele.  I liked so many things described there.  I have tried to implemented it in my life and work.

By thinking positively, things are more interesting and joyful for me.  Energy level remains high.  Some incidents or issue may trigger negative thought, may be I naturally monitor my thoughts, I am able to swith it to positive side or give it a positive spin. Continue reading “Positive Thinking..”