You had problem pronouncing long Indian name?

You might have seen that some Indian names are little complicated to pronounce (particularly by our American and Canadian fellows – may be Europeans too). 

Now-a-days, Indian names are very common in workplace as offices are quite diverse and multi-cultural.  Some have changed their long (or complex to pronounce) Indian names to short ones, the same way William is Bill, Robert is Rob etc. 

In this funny clip,  a guy from America or Europe goes to (may beSouth) India to work (where long and complex names are common).

Someone forwarded me the link to this video clip on Indian Names (probably from a UK TV show).  It’s quite humors, please take it that way.

 Have a great day!


5 Responses to You had problem pronouncing long Indian name?

  1. Haha says:

    LOL that was hilarious!

  2. Tatyana says:

    Hello! I’m Hrvoje from Croatia, working as a web developer and reading your blog via rss feeds.

  3. Suhas Phadnis says:


    I am unable to view it on the website. Will be happy if you e-mail the same to

    Thanks and regards.

    Suhas Phadnis

  4. Peesarvarmukashtelagu Patel (John) says:

    That was berry phuny

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