The 4 Disciplines of Execution

August 21, 2007

Execution of ideas/goals makes the real difference.  Any one can set goals and objectives but when it comes to implementation, it is totally a different game.   You might have seen excellent concepts being converted into highly visible projects and later the project being cancelled or product being shelved.  Its all how you execute.  As Will Weider said in his blog – I am surrounded by people with good ideas.  I need more people that implement them well.

I just finished another audio book by Stephen R. Covey – The 4 Disciplines of Execution.  This book talks about prioritized goals and how to achieve results with excellence.  It is important that team is involved in the development of important goals and methodology of measuring the goals.  The best ideas come not from the leaders, but from the interaction of the leaders and the front line. These are 4 disciplines –

Discipline 1 – Focus on the wildly important (goals) 
Discipline 2 – Create a compelling scoreboard
Discipline 3 – Translate lofty goals into specific actions
Discipline 4 – Hold each other accountable – all of the time.

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How to Attend Team Meetings

August 13, 2007

Once I was approached by a team member and enquired why she is not being given special tasks or not being involved that much in comparison with her another colleague.  Since I had led both team members and knew where she is falling behind. 

I suggested few points to follow, she was no longer feeling left behind and became a dynamic contributor in the team.  Here are 10 points  –

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Leadership Secrets

August 9, 2007

Leaders are not only people with heavy-weight designations like CEO, CIO, Vice President or say Senators, Member of Parliament, or something with power and authority. 

We all are leading in some shape or form and making things happen by our leadership.  Some people with their role and authority can have big impact and can lead a big group, or company or a nation, while on a small scale,  for example a team of 4 people, or at very minimum an individual leading himself while working on a task, also help the bottom line of an organization or society by contributing at a small level; collectively these small contributions change the whole picture. 

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Situational Leadership

August 1, 2007

I completed Computer Based Training – “Situational Leadership II” developed by the Ninth House.  I was amazed with the technique used to give lessons; it kept me involved till the end and I did not feel disconnected or bored.  It is kind of movie that you watch and your decisions dictate the way story develops.  Decision taken can result in getting job done or getting you fired.  This training is based on Ken Blanchard’s leadership model and teaches how to increase team productive with proper leadership style by providing right amount of direction, support, or coaching.

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