Thank You

This page is dedicated to all who have directly or indirectly helped me learn and grow by providing support, direction, care and encouragement.  There are a lot of people, events & books who deserve my sincere gratitude – and through these various means & ways almightly has blessed me to enjoy the life.

  • I am blessed with wonderful family. Thanks! You all are my foundation and have helped me realize my purpose in life. My wife Kamal, kids, brother, parents have always been source of motivation, inspiration, affection and guidance. Life is a precious gift to be enjoyed each moment when a loving family is around you.
  • I am blessed with a company of wonderful friends.  I enjoy the company and value your input and trust.  Life is fun when you know you are in a good company.  Its God’s blessing that such nice people showed up in my life.  I thank you all my friends.
  • I thank all my teachers (academic and social) who came in my life at different phases to guide me and teach me and other people who tought me a thing or two; or encourged me to learn.

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