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Reading a magazine’s very last page and very last item sounded very familiar to me in a different context. It quoted Emma-Jayne Winson, the first female jockey to win the Queen’s Plate, Canada’s oldest thoroghbred race, in 2007. Here it is from May 2015 issue of Canadian Business.

Ask a jockey: Is it hard to build a relationship with a horse you’ve just met?

“When I took lessons, I remember complaining that I wanted to ride this horse every week, and I never got the same horse. I always got a differet one. But being on horses that maybe I didn’t get along with taught me to be a better rider and to communicate better with animals that weren’t necessarily on the same page. It’s amazing how you can assimilate something so simple into everyday life.”

Now relate this story to the times when you wanted certain key people in your team, but couldn’t; or had to operate with constraints that you felt were slowing you down. I believe every challenge shapes us to be bit more flexible, innovative, disciplined, collaborative and resilient.

One mantra helps instead of complaining or whining, it is change the mindset. Accept that it is not an ideal situation (rarely ideal conditions exist in any environment, be it business or social), but how can you make the best use of it and what way you are going to learn from it. Usually, all such circumstances become good stepping stones.

Happy Canada Day!

Wishing all my Canadian friends a happy Canada day!  July 1st is Canada’s birth date and it was originally known as Dominion Day.  Later in 1982, it was changed to Canada day.  Its 142nd birthday of Canada.  Here is the small list of Canadian Inventions (source – www, booklet)

  • 5 Pin Bowling – 1909 – T.E. Ryan
  • Basketball – 1891 – James Naismith
  • Chocolate Bar – 1910 – Arthur Ganong
  • Electric Light Bult – 1874 – Henry Woodward (later sold patent to Thomas Edison)
  • Electric Organ – 1928 – Morse Robb
  • Goalie Mask – 1960 – Jaques Plante
  • McIntosh Apple  – 1796 – John McIntosh
  • Paint Roller  – 1940 – Norman Breakey
  • Snowblower – 1925 – Arthur Sicard
  • Television Camera – 1934 – FCP Henroteau
  • Telephone – 1876 – Alexander G Bell
  • Walkie-Talkie – 1942 – Donald L Hings
  • Zipper – 1913 – Gideon Sunback

Have a happy Canada day!